An Important Message

May 4, 2016

Welcome Thrifty Texan Fans!

For those of you who didn’t see my message last week I posted that we are now the new owners of this site and are doing our best to keep up with this new adventure. Please be patient with us as we are new to this, as well as are having some extenuating circumstances preventing us from placing the actual coupons up at this time. We promise to learn this skill just as quickly as we can, but please know we’ve been to ER and specialist doctors and having surgical procedures for our teenager this week, plus we also have a baby at home too- so we’re only able to do what we can right now. We will get the site up and running as normal as soon as we can- and we look forward to blogging more tips and tricks to save money as well as investing to make the site even better for everyone in the future!

From our family to yours <3

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