We Saved $10-$20 by Changing Our Own Oil & Filter

January 7, 2016

oil-changeDo you pay someone else to change the oil in your vehicle?  If you do … and you are looking for ways to reduce your monthly budget, take a look at this post …

My husband and I both drive full-size Ford trucks and that means oil changes range from $44 – $55 at the local dealership, Walmart and the oil change station.  So, we change our own oil (to be honest, there is no “we” – because my hubby and boys do the actual changing!  However, I do the oil and filter purchasing, so I guess I can say “we”. 🙂 ) to save hard-earned money!

oil-changeI have found that Walmart.com is cheaper on Motorcraft oil than the local dealership and auto parts stores. Just recently I made an online purchase of Motorcraft oil and Motorcraft oil filters and paid only $68.97, making each oil change only $34.49, a savings of at least $10 per vehicle! That $10 or more adds up over the course of a year.  We average 4 oil changes per year in each vehicle, so the $80 savings is worth the effort.

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