I Scored $32.82 Worth of Fresh Chicken for ONLY $10.55

September 25, 2015

I realize that not everyone can still price match meats at your local Walmart, but I wanted to highlight the savings you can get, if you can.

Don’t you just love finding deals on items that you really, really need? Today was one of those days where I was able to restock my freezer with various cuts of chicken, for very little money. Usually when I purchase the 10-lb bag of chicken leg quarters, I immediately boil the entire bag in a large stock pot, cool, shred and freeze in 2 to 3-cup portions for quick meals.  Then, I make my own chicken broth by putting the bones and skin in my 6-qt crockpot, filling with water, adding 1 Tbsp vinegar and cooking on low for at least 12 hours.

From the two bags of chicken leg quarters, I should get at least 5 meals; from the boneless skinless chicken breasts, 3 meals; and from the chicken drumsticks 2 meals. That comes to $1.06 per meal for my family of four.  And that doesn’t include the gallon or more of homemade chicken broth that I will freeze and use for soups.

Here are the deals I scored:


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