What’s for Supper?

November 27, 2012

It’s been a hectic, busy and fun-filled week for us, like it probably was for you!

It started off last Tuesday with our church feeding a Thanksgiving meal to some needy families in our community. On Thursday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with my husbands family and on Friday, my family came to our house to celebrate Thanksgiving.  It seems like I lived in the kitchen for four days! 🙂

On Thursday night, my mom and dad kept the boys while Robert and I slipped away to the Black Friday sale at Walmart.  Thankfully, we were able to leave within 20 minutes of the sale starting with the items we went for, so we didn’t have to brave the crowds too long.

While our company was here on Friday, Robert had the smoker going and smoked a turkey I had bought for 49¢ lb. It is now in the freezer, in meal-size portions, to enjoy in the coming months.

On Sunday night, a friend who we haven’t seen in a while came to our church to let us meet her fiancé, and after church we went to Braum’s and stayed out way too late laughing and visiting.

Yesterday was filled with Cyber Monday deals, washing clothes, and general housework.  So, last nights’ meal consisted mainly of leftovers.

Once the boys are done with their schoolwork for today, Ryan goes to the dentist to get the space maintainer put in. Fun, fun!

Here’s what I have on my menu for today (per my man’s request!):

Smoked Turkey
Mixed Vegetables
Homemade Biscuits

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