Coupon Plan Ahead … Biscoff, Swiss Miss

October 11, 2012

Did you know that companies love to get reviews on their products, and that in return they tend to send their thanks in the form of much-loved-pieces-of-money-saving-paper called coupons? I have found that by telling them my opinion of their product, in a few weeks I will receive a coupon(s) in the mail. I rarely ask outright for a coupon, they just send them!

Here’s what we do:

Coupon Plan Ahead is where we take a few minutes each week to email two or three companies about their product in hopes of being rewarded with coupons for upcoming sales at various stores! It only takes a minute to fill out the contact information, but the savings is so worth it!

If it’s a large company with numerous brands, be sure to let them know which brand you are referring to. You can typically request coupons once every six months from each company.

Biscoff Spread
Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate

Is there a product you would like to receive coupons for? If so, please leave a comment so I can feature it next time.

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