Facebook Timeline: 3 Easy Steps on How to Keep Up with Thrifty Texan Posts’

April 27, 2012

Facebook has done it again – changed!  Personally, I think the other version was easier to navigate, but the new Timeline does allow for more personalization.  I also have noticed that Internet Explorer seems to have issues loading some Timeline pages, whereas Firefox does okay. Maybe this change will grow on me in a hurry. So, until Facebook changes it again, here are some simple steps to ensure you don’t miss out on any Thrifty Texan posts!

 (1) Make sure Thrifty Texan is still showing up in your newsfeed by hovering over the “Liked” button and when the menu shows up just click “Show in News Feed”.

(2) Scroll down on the Thrifty Texan Facebook page until the timeline cover photo disappears and you see the menu bar pop up at the top of your screen. Click “Now” so the most current posts show up for you.

(3) Hover your mouse over “Highlights” and make sure “Highlights” is checked.  Now you’re all set! 

(Thanks, Jessica’s Coupons!)
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