My Pantry is Organized … Once Again!

July 1, 2011

Disorganization drives me crazy.  Just ask my husband and boys! 😉  I like knowing what I have, and not having to hunt for everything I need.  Today, I could stand the clutter in the pantry no longer.  I removed almost everything, checked expiration dates and organized. 

I am blessed to have a large triangle shaped pantry, with lots of shelves!  The very top shelf holds my canning supplies, along with other things I rarely use.  The bottom shelf on the right side (chips, crackers, juice) is generally considered the “boys shelf” as it is mainly items that they frequently munch on.  It always looks in disarray, but at least it’s only one shelf! :)

I like to organize my pantry at least once every couple months, so I can make sure items are not nearing their expiration date.  Or, if I find I have too many of something (I always do!), I can either plan meals to use it up quickly or donate to the local food bank.

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